Saturday, July 25, 2009

Holiday news...

Regular readers of this blog will be well aware that I usually take my annual summer holiday in September, it's usually booked by now, and it's usually either France or Germany.

This year's been a bit different though. With the Euro exchange rate still totally rubbish, we made the decision a little while ago to go 'non-Euro' in the southern half of the continent. My initial favourite was Croatia, but there were a few practical problems getting the deals/hotels/dates we wanted etc, so that's been put on hold yet again - we'll get there eventually but not this year.

Anyway, after a great deal of discussion and debate we settled on another new country: Turkey. Initially a very unlikely choice for us, if only for the reason that we're not "package holiday" people, but as time goes on it seems to make more sense. It's a new country, a new culture, and we like Turkish food. That haggling scares me though :))

Will try and get booked within the next couple of weeks - more news soon...


Rachel said...

Ooh nice :) I've always been a bit anti-Turkey for lots of reasons,but actually it looks lovely.Someone I know went to Alanya a while ago and her holiday photos were so pretty,I was instantly jealous :) I have a friend from Istanbul too,and that looks a really interesting city.

Package holidays are good from time to time- easier to organise and all that.I'm sure there'll be plenty of stuff you can find to do on your own anyway.And Europe (well,Greece at least) is only a boat trip away :)

EuropeCrazy said...

I felt the same way for a long time and didn't think that I'd ever want to go there in a million years, so I'm as surprised as anyone that I'd even consider going!! :))

Faithful travelling companion wants to go to Istanbul, it looks good but I think it might be a bit overpowering so decided it would be better to dip the toes in the water first by going to a resort. It looks as if it's going to be Icmeler, which is next to Marmaris. (Original plan was Marmaris, but I didn't fancy the idea of being kept up by all-night karaoke!

And yes, we've got the daytrip to Rhodes on the agenda too: which would also be very interesting as we've not been to Greece yet either :)