Monday, August 24, 2009

Message for Mick (Tracklister)

Any chance of an invite?

Laura (EuropeCrazy)


Michael said...

Hi there. Sorry i never noticed this posting.
I'm open again. I deleted my entire blog and have decided to start again.
I'm not sure what i intend doing this time, but after my third DMCA Notice i thought i better knock the MP3 postings on the head.
It might be more of a proper blog this time around, even though it will be as much about music as before. There might still be something for you to look at you never know.
Thanks for keeping in touch and i'll keep your link up as well.
All the best
Mick (

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Mick!

Good to hear from you again! DMCA should be chasing the big fish and not the humble bloggers who are only trying to keep good music alive.

I like the new blog, it's like a mix of Tracklister and Craplister -those Swedish 'dansbands' are priceless :)))) I hope you keep it going as you have a lot to say and always produce a very worthwhile blog.