Sunday, September 06, 2009

The increasingly blurred worlds of....

...Swedish reality/talent television and Melodifestivalen hasn't escaped my notice. Further proof is the line-up for the forthcoming series of the hugely successful TV4 series "Korslaget" which is back to brighten up our autumn weekends from 3rd October. Auditions for the hometown-teams are currently taking place in Sweden: more at

All except one of this year's choir leaders have been in Melodifestivalen - Caroline af Ugglas, Roger Pontare, Ola Svensson, Andreas Lundstedt, Amy Diamond, Rodrigo "Rigo" Pencheff - only Stefan Nykvist from Larz-Kristerz hasn't (yet) but his band of course won another reality-talent show "Dansbandskampen".

Talking of which, there will be a new series beginning on 24th October on SVT -expect the Swedish tabloids to get excited about another Saturday night ratings battle between SVT and TV4. Thanks to the internet, we'll be able to watch both shows.

And then there's the new series of "Idol" which starts this coming Tuesday on TV4. Who will succeed last year's winner Kevin Borg? (Kevin hasn't done too badly for an Idol-winner, landing the lead role in the Swedish stage version of High School Musical.)

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