Sunday, May 16, 2010

This week's playlist: you make me wanna listen to music again

OK so it's been a while since I did a playlist on here, so here goes...

Music Again/Whataya Want From Me/For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert: still got these on repeat, and I still can't believe that "FYE" only made it to no.39 in our top 40 :(

4 O'Clock/Red Rock/Bloody Breakfast - Salem Al Fakir: and you won't be surprised to know that "Ignore This" is still my most played album of the year, and that's not likely to change.

Keep On Walking (God Morgen Norge version 05.05.10) - Salem Al Fakir: a wonderful, different, low-key version of what is already a classic song.

Brooklyn Sun (God Morgen Norge version 05.05.10) - Salem Al Fakir: probably one of the best live versions of this song ever - heartbreakingly beautiful.

Umbrella Beach - Owl City: very catchy follow-up to the ubiquitous "Fireflies" which I still like a lot. I'll need to discover some of his other music.

Yes Man - Bjorn Johan Muri: Norway's real Eurovision hit from 2010, and I'm still not fed up with this song.

Hurricane - Rebound: a.k.a. Idol 2009's Eddie Razaz and Rabih Jaber. This has been a big hit in Sweden. Although I didn't really like it to begin with, it has now grown on me.

Love Is A Hurricane - Boyzone: there seems to be a hurricane theme developing here :) Obvious, middle-of-the-road pop it may be, but it's a Gregg Alexander song, which is always well worth celebrating.

Vända Med Vinden - Timoteij & Alexander Rybak: from the girls' rather good debut album, this is a Swedish language version of young Mr Rybak's "Roll With The Wind" and ticks all the folk-pop boxes.

Playing With Fire - Paula Seling & Ovi: one of the few songs from this year's Eurovision that I'm listening to. Subtle it most definitely ain't, but you will remember it after one hearing.

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