Monday, September 27, 2010

A new obsession.

I can't stop listening to that Mor ve Ötesi CD which I bought last week in Bodrum. Brilliant Turkish rock music! Their name should be familiar to European music fans as they represented Turkey at Eurovision two years ago with "Deli". Their new album "Masumiyetin Ziyan Olmaz" just gets better with every listen, and I will review it soon on this blog. Harun Tekin has a terrific, distinctive voice and is a great frontman. Favourite tracks so far:

"2012": (audio only)


Claire said...

Hi Laura, just thought I'd comment over here for a change:)
It's good to see Mor ve Ötesi are still around, 'Deli' is one of my favourite ever Eurovision songs, and really underrated. I'd kind of forgotten about them, so it's nice to know they're still making the same epic, melodic guitar music- they're sounding great.
I'll have to give some more of their stuff a listen- what an excellent musical souvenir to bring back from your holiday!

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Hi Claire,

Good to see you "over here" - as I said to Sharon in the other post, I'm concentrating on this blog whilst all is quiet in the wonderful world of Planet Salem.

Yes they really are a great band - I've put a few of the songs on my iPod and was listening to them on my way to work this morning, trying to put a spring in my step on my first day it's break-time and I'm already stressed out after just an hour :(

Still, I've got my birthday on Thursday to look forward to, and it won't be long till the weekend, not wishing my life away or anything like that.....!