Sunday, June 12, 2011

Så Mycket Bättre series 2 gets underway!

7 artists from different musical genres and generations have all gathered on Gotland to begin recording season 2 of one of Swedish TV's most successful TV formats of recent years - Så Mycket Bättre.

Or at least 6 of them did, but one was missing. Legendary dance act E-Type was far far away, in the North of Sweden, playing a gig so he missed the start of recording.

This year's artists:

Eva Dahlgren
Jason "Timbuktu" Diakité
Martin "E-Type" Eriksson
Tomas Ledin
Lena Philipsson
Laleh Pourkarim
Mikael Wiehe

I was really hoping for Bjorn Skifs and Salem Al Fakir this year, so I'm a bit disappointed by the line-up. It will all be about Lena Philipsson and Tomas Ledin for me, as they are two of my most favourite Swedish artists of all time. I guess it's an interesting mix of artists, however I doubt if anyone will have the 'September-effect' this year. Although E-Type could surprise us all.

The best thing about this show is that there are no panels, no phone-in voting, no eliminations - just a group of singers getting together, having fun and singing each other's songs. The only potential problem is that this year, people are maybe a little more 'knowing' about the potential career effects of the show and it may lose a little of what made it so great in the first place, Or as I like to call it, the "Big Brother Effect". We'll find out later this year when series 2 is screened on TV4.

It's a simple and fascinating TV format which I think could work in any country. Does anyone know if the format has been sold by TV4 anywhere else yet?

Above: Lena Philipsson arrives at Pensionat Grå Gåsen in her sports car.

Above: Tomas Ledin.

Above: E-Type.

Photographs courtesy of Aftonbladet.

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