Sunday, August 07, 2011

Oskar Linnros changes direction...

In an interview in Allt om Stockholm, one of our favourite Swedish artists Oskar Linnros has revealed that he plans a change of direction in his music and he will no longer be playing the soul-pop style of music which has brought him so much success since 2010. Oskar will play a concert at Gröna Lund on 01.09.2011 and this will bring the first phase of his solo career to an end. Oskar said in the interview that he doesn't want to reveal what he will be doing next musically, and he doesn't know when he will release any new music although he is writing all the time - but that he will be changing direction away from soul-pop.

I'm looking forward to hearing what he does next, as he is an extremely talented artist, but I can't help feeling a little sad that he is ditching his current musical style, which is both credible and accessible. Although I'm sure that Oskar will not let us down!

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