Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eurovision 2012: Semi-Final 1, Part 2

Israel: "Time" - Izabo. This is another one of those entries which I hadn't heard until very recently, yet over the past few days it has become one of my favourites and a very certain contender for my year-end chart. It's probably one of those songs which Eurovision fans will hate, and it probably won't do so well, but do you know what? I don't care, because I like it.

San Marino: "The Social Network Song" - Valentina Monetta. A.K.A "Facebook uh-oh-oh". She is on the "Glee"-scale of annoying, this song has horrific lyrics and worryingly,it popped into my head the other day, for all of about three seconds but really it shouldn't have. They missed a trick here as they should have inserted "tweet tweet" into the lyrics and would therefore have covered the whole spectrum of social networking.  Please do not "like" this one. Is this Eurovision's answer to Rebecca Black?

Cyprus: "La La Love" - Ivi Adamou. By this point I'm actually past caring whether or not I miss the semi-finals if the likes of this are anything to go by.  Disposable heard-it-all-before dance-pop which may scrape its way to a final place if it's lucky.

Denmark: "Should've Known Better" - Soluna Samay.  Inserts bad pun at this point that the Danish voters 'should've known better' and voted for the infinitely better "Take Our Hearts" or "Venter" instead.  Her styling in the national final was atrocious and as for the lyrics, EBTG should really be calling their legal team on hearing "I miss you, like Sahara missed the rain". It's American TV drama background music (I should know, I watch enough of them!) however its popularity still escapes me, even now.

Russia: "Party For Everybody" - Buranovskiye Babushki.  The novelty of this year's contest however the problem with novelties is that they go stale very quickly.  This may wow televoters in the semi-final but when it comes to the final I doubt if it will be so successful there.  The Russian grannies may be aww-cute but right now, ESC needs a major international hit to come out of the contest, and a win for them would not be such a good idea.

Hungary: "Sound of Our Hearts" - Compact Disco.  I was immediately impressed with this when it won the Hungarian selection so it will be no surprise when I tell you that I still feel the same.  It almost has a Hurts vibe to it, and they are very popular in parts of Europe, yet for some reason I can't see this song doing so well.  Which is a pity as it's one of the best this year. 

Austria: "Woki Mit Dein Popo" - Trackshittaz.  Do you really think the top dogs at the EBU will let an act with a name like that into the contest?  One of them (Lukas) has hair like the wannabe 3rd member of Jedward.  They're like an Austrian version of LMFAO.  This 'song' is pretty worthless though, and more than likely will continue the great tradition of rap songs not performing well at Eurovision. 

Moldova: "Lautar" - Pasha Parfeny.  "This trumpet makes you mine girl" is probably not the best chat-up line we've ever heard.  The Moldovan Colin Farrell gets down with the trumpets on this rather catchy number which doesn't measure up to the bonkers brilliance of "So Lucky" but could be a surprise qualifier in an otherwise dull semi-final.

Ireland: "Waterline" - Jedward.  Not as instant as "Lipstick" (whether you loved it or not, admit it, it was catchy) but if this taps into the Twitterverse's ongoing (inexplicable) obsession with the likes of One Direction then they could have it in the bag.  Presumably they will be relying on a lot of assistance from the backing singers as usual :)


Raquelita said...

There seem to be plenty of people comparing the chorus of Should've Known Better to Crazy by Seal,yet nobody seems to have noticed the blatant EBTG plagiarism! I honestly would rather Jedward won over Denmark.If an everyday-radio type song is going to win this year,at least Waterline is current.

Not a day goes by where I don't (without realising) end up singing The Social Network Song.I'm considering getting some psychiatric help.

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Oh I'd forgotten about the Seal plagiarism as well. Is there anything original about that song?

Think you'll need to book me a place in the psychiatric ward too, as that song is now squatting in my brain and refusing to leave. Beep beep, uh oh oh.