Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why the world continues to go crazy for Gangnam Style

You may have heard the song. You may even have seen the video and the dance routine...OK I'm joking, it's the song which won't go away. Some love it, some hate it with a passion but one thing's for sure, you can't ignore it. The last couple of months have seen the world go crazy for Korean pop star Psy and his infectious Gangnam Style. It used to be the "holiday songs" which dominated international charts for months on end, but now all you need to be is an internet sensation.

So why has Gangnam Style achieved such cross-continental international appeal? One word: fun. There are only two kinds of music making the charts and getting airplay at the moment - either electronic dance music and all its variations, or The New Boring. Both of which are completely joyless. It took me a while to realise the reasons why modern pop music just isn't doing it for me: the fun has gone out of pop music. Bland conveyor-belt artists and talent show contestants are all singing about partying and having fun, but I can't hear any happiness.

Gangnam Style, on the other hand, is silly, frivolous and just plain daft, but it's an invitation to dance and have fun in these otherwise dark times and Psy is clearly enjoying every moment. Like all these crazes, there's no doubt that its time will pass and he will be remembered as a one-hit wonder: but we'll fondly remember Gangnam Style for putting a brief, fleeting smile back on the face of modern pop.

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