Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hver gang vi møtes....

The third series of the Swedish TV phenomenon "Så mycket bättre" recently came to an end and it looks as if there is much more life in that celeb-reality TV format.  Whilst checking out what's hot in the Norwegian music scene on iTunes tonight I discovered that the format had crossed over there: it's called "Hver gang vi møtes" and we're now on season 2.

Old-school Eurovision fans may be interested to see that Anita Skorgan is taking part, whilst more recent stars in the line-up include Lene Marlin who had some international success at the end of the 90s, Marion Ravn formerly of M2M and the original "World Idol" himself, Kurt Nilsen.

If you want to find out more about the show go to  Just as in Sweden, they all decamp to a farmhouse in the country and sing each other's songs every week, which are then immediately released on iTunes etc.  Oh, and as in Sweden, there's lots of tears.

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