Friday, October 25, 2013

Swedish Idol 2013: Friday Finals Week 5 - 25.10.2013

This week's theme: songs by previous Idol contestants.  Such a rich archive to plunder, and the crossover with Melodifestivalen was irresistible, with 5 of the 8 songs this week having either won or competed in that contest.  The original performers also sent little good-luck video messages, apart from Robin Stjernberg who was in the Idol studio.

Miriam Bengtsson - "This Is My Life".  So many songs to choose from, so why pick this insipid song which, if you'll all remember, didn't even make it to the Eurovision final?  The musical arrangement gave it a more modern twist, and while Miriam did her best, the vocals didn't always hit the target.  

Sandra Wikström – "You".  Bringing things up to date with this year's Melodifestivalen winner, by an Idol runner-up.  Lots of vocal gymnastics which we expect from Sandra by now, but thankfully none of the silly running-about stuff going on in the background. 

Kevin Walker - "Hope and Glory".  Lots of people are still standing for the Walker juggernaut. Unfortunately he's gone down the old easy-listening acoustic route - he clearly knows his own limitations - when we really want him to go out of the comfort zone and for something stompy and anthemic.  However he also knows his audience.  This was his best performance so far.

Jens Hult - "White Light Moment".  Jens has been very impressive over the last couple of weeks.  Unfortunately the same couldn't be said for his take on the Tove Styrke song.  Parts of this were just so awful that if it was an audition he would have no chance of going on to the next stage.   That's his problem - like many of this year's Idol contestants, he lacks consistency. 

Erik Rapp - "Euphoria".  A daring and iconic song choice, which has become so associated with its original performer Loreen, that Erik, despite trying to put his own stamp on it, didn't quite succeed.  It wasn't a Jens-type train wreck though, and he still has the quality to go far.  His vocals often remind me of Terence Trent D'Arby in places. 

Elin Bergman - "Happyland".  A very good song choice for her style.  If you remember my blog posts from the 2007 series, you'll recall that I wasn't an Amanda Jenssen fan at the time and only appreciated her after she began making her own music.  Maybe Elin will be the same?

Gabriel Alares - "You're Out Of My Life".  Gabriel was definitely within his comfort zone here.  Ballads seem to be his strong point although he's still missing the emotional connection required of a song like this one. 

Matilda Melin - "Release Me".  Much of this was pretty flat and disguised by some Elin-style growls and vocal inflections.  It didn't soar the way it should. 

Bottom two: Jens and Miriam.  The failure-to-qualify curse of "This Is My Life" struck again and Miriam was sent home. 

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