Sunday, November 03, 2013

Swedish Idol 2013: Friday Finals Week 6 - 01.11.2013

Time for “Big Band Friday” – aww, British viewers, did this not take you back to the glory days of “Pop Idol”? – anyway not a Frank Sinatra or even a Michael Buble number in sight; the remaining seven contestants put their glad rags on and reinterpreted a random selection of tunes in ye olde big band style.

Sandra – “Wonderwall”.  I wonder what Noel Gallagher would have thought of his classic anthem being reinvented ‘Fever’-style?  Sandra is now looking comfortable in her role of stompy diva and this was very confidently performed. 

Gabriel – “As Long As You Love Me”. Never thought we’d see the day when a Bieber song was given the big band treatment, but there you go. I’m not too familiar with this song but Gabriel did his best, however it lacked the ‘kick’ which a big band number needs. 

Kevin – “It’s My Life”.  Not the Dr Alban 90s dance classic, but the Bon Jovi one.  Kevin finally went for it this week and injected a bit of much-needed oomph which was previously missing from his easy going style.  The only problem was that said oomph was in a different key to the orchestra and on that performance he should have gone home.  Kevin wasn't even there on the night, pre-recording his performance so he could play in a football match on Friday night. 

Matilda – “Umbrella”.  It wouldn’t be a talent show without a health scare of course, and Melinda hasn’t been well lately. A decent enough performance of a song I hate, but she doesn’t really have anything to distinguish her as a winner.
Jens – “Mama I’m Coming Home”. Oh Jens, Jens, Jens.  You frustrate me with your inconsistency.  One week he’s good, one week he’s awful.  This week though he was on top form, on an Ozzy Osbourne song which I didn’t know, but he managed to effortlessly reinvent it Rat Pack-style. 

Elin – “Roxanne”.  Like Jens, Elin understood how to reinvent a song big-band style, with all the ‘kick’ that requires – something which, as I said earlier, was missing from Gabriel’s performance.  However there is still something hugely annoying about her vocal style, those little ‘growls’ really get on my nerves. 

Erik – “Hurtful”.  Erik sings Erik.   Vocally spot-on as always, not really much else to say – he’s definitely the most consistent performer in what has so far been a very inconsistent series. 

This week was a difficult one to call, as all the contestants raised their game, but someone has to go.  This week it was Gabriel’s turn to say goodbye.  He found himself in the bottom two with Sandra, however Kevin should have been down there.  But he’s Kevin, so he wasn’t.   
(all photos courtesy of Aftonbladet)

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