Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Allsång på Skansen: the 2014 line-up is revealed!

Only two weeks to go, and then it all starts again for another year.  I refer of course to that most traditional of Swedish summer TV treats, "Allsång på Skansen" which had its equally traditional 'big reveal' of this year's line-up.  As usual, it's a mix of something for everyone, from the well-known established stars of years ago, to this year's up-and-coming stars with teen appeal. So who can we look forward to seeing on Tuesday nights on SVT this summer?

Week 1: Tuesday 24th June: Ace Wilder, Niklas Strömstedt and Eric Bazilian, Malena Ernman and Loa Falkman, James Blunt. 
I'll be "busy doing something" two weeks from tonight to check out Melodifestivalen runner-up Ace Wilder.  But James Blunt?  One question - why??

Week 2: Tuesday 1st July:  Nina Persson, Sanna Nielsen, Gunhild Carling, Seinabo Sey, Jany Schella.

I might just draw faithful travelling companion's attention to this one, as he's recently become a fan of a certain Ms Nielsen and it doesn't look as if he's going to "undo" that appreciation any time soon :)

Week 3: Tuesday 8th July: Elisa's, The Fooo, Björn Skifs, Linda Pira, Jon Henrik Fjällgren.

Earplugs at the ready as there will be a massive screaming outbreak for the Fooo, Sweden's answer to One Direction, but I'm tuning in for Mr Skifs. 

Week 4: Tuesday 15th July: Laleh, Jill Johnson and Doug Seegers, Annika Herlitz, The Real Group, Ison and Fille.

Not really too bothered about this one, I do like a couple of Laleh songs ("Some Die Young" and "Colors") but wouldn't really call myself a fan. 

Week 5: Tuesday 22nd July: Electric Banana Band, Darin, Titiyo, Vera Nord.

Week 5....it's all about Darin!

Week 6: Tuesday 29th July: Weeping Willows, Ola Salo, Alcazar, Panetoz, Stefan Nilsson, Anna Stadling and Lidingö Motettkör

Very strong line-up in week 6 - a certain Mr Salo and a disco-tastic trio.

Week 7: Tuesday 5th August: Takida, Orup, Linnea Henriksson, Timbuktu, John de Sohn

For me this is potentially one of the best weeks.  Looking forward to Orup, Linnea and Takida. 

Week 8: Tuesday 12th August:  Jenny Wilson, Icona Pop, John Martin, Lise and Gertrud.

John Martin will be the highlight for me in week 8.

Of course there will be more acts announced, but where's Conchita Wurst?  I thought they might have included this year's ESC winner in the line-up - or even Basim, who's had the big airplay hit in Sweden this year.  I just wonder if they're keeping us guessing before adding one, or both, to the line-up?

The other burning question is - how will Petra Marklund do as the new host of the show?  Well, firstly I would just like to say that I hope she is judged not for her gender (she is the first female host in the show's history) but on her own merits as a singer, presenter and entertainer: the three essential qualities for an Allsång host.  I also hope that she is given time to adjust to her new role in what is one of Swedish TV's toughest jobs, as the unforgiving critics in the Swedish media are always ready for target practice every Allsång season.  Get it wrong, and the tabloids will hound you, week after week....get it right, and, well, they may just praise you (if you're lucky!)  I hope that Petra does well and I wish her lots of success with the 2014 season of Allsång.

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