Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Trogir Diaries: Day 4 - Wednesday 17th September 2014

After yesterday's epic day, we've decided not to book any more lengthy day trips on this holiday. Prior to the holiday I had fancied doing to Hvar for the day, but that one's also a bit of a marathon. Maybe next time - and I can confidently say this because I've fallen so much in love with this part of the world that all being well, a return visit would definitely be on the cards.

We kick off the day exploring the other side of the small but perfectly formed island.  Firstly we check out the local football ground....

It's not quite the Croatian premiership is it? :) However it has some very impressive surroundings, including the Fortress Kamerlengo, which dominates one side of the Riva.

There are posters all over town advertising Cockta, which would appear to be a popular soft drink in this part of the world.  Later in the week I would finally pluck up the courage to try this delicacy, but in the meantime, here's the poster.

It's not long till lunchtime, which means yet another pizza at one of the Riva's many restaurants.  Today we have slowed the pace right down after our epic journey yesterday, so there's lots of relaxed strolling around Trogir's maze of streets.  We later head across the bridge to Ciovo again for a quick recce to check out where the Bura Line ferry for Split leaves from.  And a very nice view over to Trogir...

Back to the hotel to try on my new Croatian national team football top (OK it's just a T-shirt in the style of a Croatian national team top, but hey..) and what better way to end one of the most relaxing days ever by doing what we don't usually do on holiday - have dinner in the hotel's own restaurant.  It's a very agreeable experience too, but the night doesn't end there.

After another walk around Trogir by night, we end up at - where else but - the main square.  Tonight's entertainment is provided by a country/rock band.  They're not the Bravo Band of course, but they're still rather good. 

So here ends another day in Trogir.  Nothing particularly exciting or different about today, but that's what made it special.  I've particularly enjoyed slowing down the pace on this holiday.  Tomorrow's going to be busier though, as we're on our way to a must-see destination. 

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