Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Trogir Diaries: Day 6 - Friday 19th September 2014: the morning after

We wake to the news of the referendum result: 55% voted no, 45% voted yes.  So I'm in a somewhat gloomy mood on hearing the news.  One of my first thoughts is "how am I going to explain this result to that lovely girl in the hotel who's been cheerleading for Scottish independence since we arrived here"?  But she's not on today and that explanation will have to wait till tomorrow. 

In the meantime we have a holiday to be going on with, and after our journey to Split, we're Trogir-based today and I've got some serious shopping to do. 

We'd briefly explored the market back on Monday but today it was time to discover it in more detail.  All those little huts on the side of the canal (pictured above) may not look much but there's more to Trogir market than what you initially think.  There's all the usual souvenirs, clothing, jewellery and handbag stalls, and then the covered food area where you can find some local cheese and ham...

...and you want olive oil?  In this market you can find more olive oil than anyone will ever need.  And when you're finished, pick up a football top!

What I particularly like about European towns and resorts is the way that supermarkets don't play such a massive role in people's daily lives the way that they do in this country.  Trogir may be a very small town, but the market is packed full of enough goodies for your weekly shop.  And if you don't fancy food shopping in the market then there's always the nearby Tommy and Konzum supermarkets.

After our tour of the market on what's becoming a very hot day, it's time for lunch.  We're back on the Riva at yet another of their never-ending row of restaurants.  Following lunch, it's back through the gate and into the old town centre. 

Eventually we end up back at the main square where we usually while away most of our late evenings in Trogir.  But today we're just in time for a klapa quartet doing a little mini-concert on the square.  And I've decided that I'm ever so slightly in love with the guy who is second from left!!

As I mentioned in a previous post, the square was one of the locations in the video for Klapa s Mora's "Mizerija" and today I sat on that wall.  Which overlooks Caffe Trogir, our late-evening hangout.

After a stop-off at our favourite little park beside the sea, it's back to the hotel to get ready for another evening meal.  Friday night in Trogir is busy as expected and this time we're at a more traditional restaurant in town.  Faithful travelling companion's trying out the pasticada whilst I'm just on the pasta.

Tonight's dinner is accompanied by another bottle of local wine, this time a Dingac (red wine).  Every restaurant we've been to so far has an extensive list of Croatian wines, so needless to say we've had to try a few of them in the interests of research over the past week. 

Dinner eventually over and it's Caffe Trogir time again!  Friday night's main attraction is the return of the country-rock band, and it's Blue Lagoon time :)

Just as on every other night this week, Friday night in Trogir is a good-natured fun-loving experience (only with added people as it's Friday night of course!).  The weather is warm enough to spend morning until late evening out of doors, which is one of the best things about a holiday in September. 

This has been a brilliant holiday, at a much slower pace than we've been accustomed to over the years.  Tomorrow's our last full day in Trogir, and it's going to be yet another relaxing one.

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