Monday, March 23, 2015

The Semi-Finals Draw!

Today the EBU finally revealed the running order for the 2 Eurovision semi-finals which will take place on 19th and 21st May.

Semi-Final 1

1. Moldova
2. Armenia
3. Belgium
4. Netherlands
5. Finland
6. Greece
7. Estonia
8. Macedonia
9. Serbia
10. Hungary
11. Belarus
12. Russia
13. Denmark
14. Albania
15. Romania
16. Georgia

Austria, France, Spain and Australia will vote in this semi-final.

My first thought: oh no, what a bad bad draw for Belgium! It doesn't look too good for the Netherlands either.  On the other hand I'm sure Denmark and Albania will be whooping with delight at their draw positions.  And I just hope that Estonia and Macedonia stand out in their part of the draw too.

Semi-Final 2

1. Lithuania
2. Ireland
3. San Marino
4. Montenegro
5. Malta
6. Norway
7. Portugal
8. Czech Republic
9. Israel
10. Latvia
11. Azerbaijan
12. Iceland
13. Sweden
14. Switzerland
15. Cyprus
16. Slovenia
17. Poland

Germany, Italy, UK and Australia will vote in this semi-final 

First thoughts on this one: Lithuania paying the price for being uptempo - although I still think they're charming and charismatic enough to see this through to the final. Hope Montenegro and Norway don't suffer from their early-ish draw positions. Slovenia - which I still see as one of the main challengers to Sweden - has a cracking draw too. 

Over the coming weeks I will be taking a look at this year's entries in more detail, as well as posting my backlog of national final reviews.  Back soon!

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