Saturday, May 23, 2015

Why the Eurovision Song Contest is better than Christmas

*IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER* This is just a fun post and is not intended as any insult on anyone's beliefs.  When referring to Christmas in this post, I'm referring to the secular, commercialised, materialistic modern-day celebration.  Just thought I'd clear that up :)

So now that's out of the way....

Many refer to the Eurovision Song Contest as "gay Christmas".  However as a 'straight' fan I'd like to go a little bit further and compare Eurovision and Christmas.  Both are big annual much-anticipated events.  Both are loved and hated.  But in Harry Hill style, which is better?

When I woke up this morning with a feeling of uncontrollable excitement, one thought came into my mind.  "This is how you should feel at Christmas, instead of feeling completely drained and exhausted by the weeks which have gone before it".  Excited, buzzing, happy.  Remember that feeling?  That, my friends, is the Eurovision feeling.

  • You never forget Eurovision.  I mean admit it folks, how many of you really remember what presents you give or receive every Christmas?  For Eurovision fans we will always remember the smallest or biggest details, even many years down the line.  Despite the view of Eurovision haters that you forget the songs almost immediately, we fans know differently - Eurovision (and national final) songs and performances will stay with us for a long long time.
  • Eurovision is cheaper than Christmas, and arguably better value for money. Speaking for the stay-at-home fan here, there is very minimal financial outlay apart from the CDs/DVDs etc. (Unless of course you are a completist collector of auctioned press packs etc).  You don't have to save up all year or worry about what to buy for everyone.  You don't have to worry about the next credit card bill.  
  • Eurovision is better television. Christmas telly is .....ugh.  Seasonal specials and soaps with people trying to show an unrealistic portrayal of a Christmas which doesn't really exist. Eurovision, on the other hand, is a top-class three night televisual extravaganza and is a billion times better than the so-called "event TV" of X Factor which marks the lead-up to Christmas.
  • Eurovision is on at a better time of year.  Let's face it, December is dark and cold and dismal. Whereas even if the weather isn't too great in May, at least we have lots of long light nights and overall it's just a much better time of year. 
  • Eurovision has better music and it differs from year to year.  Contrary to the British media's view that the contest is just full of bad music, we fans know better.  There's lots of little gems to be found in the national finals process and once we get to the contest there will always be a few songs to love.  At Christmas, on the other hand, we have the same songs foisted on us year after year after year, against our will, for what seems like months and months on end!  At least we choose to listen to Eurovision songs!
  • Eurovision brings people together.  There is too much fake/forced jollity around at Christmas.  People feel they need to pretend to enjoy the occasion when in fact they'd rather be anywhere else.  Eurovision fans may not all like the same songs, but we are all united in our love of the Eurovision Song Contest, and the social media aspect has brought us all together.
  • Eurovision is for life and not just for....  OK that's enough.  Gotta go, three hours to go, bye bye!!
Enjoy the show tonight everyone :))

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