Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Eurovision 2015 blog posts: an introduction

Almost 4 months have passed since the Eurovision 2015 semi-finals and grand finals took place. Even by my standards, these are beyond late!  As I said in a previous post, I had misplaced my notes and had been unable to find them for a long time, before they finally turned up.  I haven't had the time to post these as the weeks following my mum's death have been hectic.  I returned to work full-time, there was so much official/life-stuff to be done, and I was basically too exhausted to blog.

Despite the delay, I really wanted to post these as a tribute to my mum.  Even though she used to wind me up by saying every year that she hated Eurovision and would never watch it again, she loved it really and would never miss it.  Little did I know back in May that this would be the last time we would ever watch Eurovision together.  But I know that she will always be with me in spirit when the contest comes around.  

So here, finally, are my Eurovision semi-final and final reviews.  Enjoy :)

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