Tuesday, January 03, 2017

The 2016-40: an introduction

Regular readers will know that at the end of every year I usually post my annual top 50 favourite songs of the year.   This year, however, for the 10th annual running of my chart there will be 10 less songs on the list.  2016 altogether was just one big struggle, and it was the same when it came to music.  Due to a number of other distractions and difficult circumstances, I probably missed out on a lot of new music and much of what I did hear, didn't impress me at all.

When I usually compile the year-end top 50 there are always at least another 15-20 songs which fail to make the cut, whereas this year I have 40 songs, no more, no less, and they're all in this chart :)

The other thing I wanted to mention was that I usually have a cut-off point of early December for my year-end chart. So this would mean that, say, a song released in December 2015 would go into the 2016 chart.  There is a change this time round, which was due to a couple of songs working their way very quickly into my affections in the last week of 2016.  Rather than leave them until next year, I decided to extend the qualifying period from 01.12.2015 until 31.12.2016 so that they could be included this time round.  And I'll have the usual 'anomalies' i.e. songs released in 2015 but not on my radar until 2016.

Right up until posting this chart I've been re-writing and amending, but now I'm happy with my final list.  So let's start the countdown!

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