Saturday, April 23, 2011

Get back up again?

Three weeks from tonight =Eurovision final!

In the meantime, everyone's on the promo trail across Europe, familiarising viewers with their songs and hoping the recognition-factor counts at semi-final and final time.
Last night Blue appeared on RTE's Late Late Show - which, if you remember just a few weeks ago, was the venue for the Irish Eurosong selection. The UK's 2011 representatives performed "I Can" but I can't help thinking that they're still a long way from the definitive performance of the song.

In other ESC news, "Get You" has been revamped with a new intro for the contest version of the song. What I really can't get is the whole 'Alex Sparrow' thing. In all my years of watching Eurovision, I never understood why they had to drop surnames or change names to a more acceptable, 'Anglified' version. What's wrong with Aleksey Vorobyov??? (I'm sure you'll have an answer for me, Rachel :)))) )

Faithful travelling companion (hello and Happy Easter by the way!!) continues to have a minor obsession with the Slovak TWiiNS.

I'm still none the wiser regarding who's actually gonna win the thing this year, but the same countries keep popping up as possible contenders - France/UK/Estonia/Sweden/Bosnia/Azerbaijan/Denmark/Germany. The more I listen to the French entry, the more I realise that it is really in with a chance and could succeed where previous opera-entries have failed. But on the other hand, it could be 2000/2001 all over again and something could come out of nowhere to win the whole thing.

All will be revealed two weeks from now!

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Raquelita said...

"What's wrong with Aleksey Vorobyov???" Nothing as far as I can see :)

I thought it was a bit silly too- I know he's just translated "Vorobyov" directly into English, but considering he's marketing himself as a bit of a macho ladies' man,he could have picked something a bit more butch than Sparrow! I think the name will be the least of his problems though if he wants to be popular (oh wait,that's Eric Saade...) over here. The fact is,he does have quite a strong accent and his English isn't great. And as we well know in this country "accent=funny foreigner=no talent". :(