Saturday, April 16, 2011

So what's been happening then?

Well, I lost some weight.

"Get You" is still my favourite Eurovision entry this year.

Although I will also be supporting Blue. Supporting my own country's entry at Eurovision is a very unusual and unfamiliar thing to do, but there you go. Tonight BBC1 screened "Eurovision: Your Country Needs Blue" (you see what they did there?) which, although screening the by now prerequisite ESC clips of Fredi & Friends, Jahn Teigen, Nicole & Hugo (where can I get one of those on-trend purple catsuits?) and inevitably, 'Sámiid Ædnan', for once it went beyond the usual BBC 'let's all laugh at Eurovision' stance and actually acknowledged that WE. HAVE. BEEN. GETTING. IT. SOOOOO. WRONG. And you can forget a key change cause you're not getting one. Apart from the usual suspects (Cliff, Lulu and the mighty Bucks Fizz), Radio 1's Scott Mills talked a lot of sense and I got the feeling that, finally, the post-Wogan era is kicking in and maybe, after all these years in the wilderness, Royaume-Uni may finally be getting the concept of 21st century Eurovision. During the show my mum commented on the 'political' voting but I immediately jumped in with my own theory - that the 'new' (as in 1993 & beyond) countries had no previous experience of what is expected from a Eurovision entry therefore have been able to drive the contest in a whole new direction. Anyway the show was well worth watching and if you missed it, check it out on BBC iPlayer at

Finally, I'm going on holiday in just over two weeks and I'm sooooo excited! Location to be confirmed in the next few days - news to follow on here very soon. For a while I wasn't sure if I'd be going on holiday or not, but it's looking good to go. Anyway what this means is that this blog will probably not be back to 'normal service' till Eurovision week i.e week commencing 9th May, however I may sneak in a few blog posts over Easter weekend, you never know ;)


Raquelita said...

Yes that programme was a revelation.Maybe Sweden should make a similar one? Scott Mills was great- I've never been a fan of Radio 1 DJs but he knew what he was talking about.Can't remember if it was him or not who said neighbouring countries vote for eachother because they have similar taste in music,but I felt like a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders at that point :)

Congrats on the weight loss and the holiday by the way :) Still got 11 weeks until I go to Torshavn- seems like an eternity,especially considering I'm only there for 3 nights!

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Yes I think Sweden should make a similar programme, as they've been getting it wrong for a long time too.

I decided to have three weeks off the dieting, and have seriously pressed the self-destruct button over the last 7 days :) however it's Easter and it would be a shame not to eat those Mini Eggs!! Will need to get back on track this week or all those new clothes won't fit.

Torshavn should be brilliant. Those 11 weeks will fly in and it'll be no time till you're there. Our holiday arrangements have been very 'last minute' this time, so we haven't had the usual build-up of 'we're going to 10/7/3 weeks etc'. Will have to get a move on as we're going to Pisa next week!!