Saturday, July 16, 2011

Retro Saturday: EuropeCrazy's Sounds of Summer!

OK let's try this one :)

I previously mentioned a few of these songs in my Holiday Hit Lists on here but as it's summer, I thought it might be worth revisiting a few of them.

Amsterdam 2002: K-Otic: Falling
A video which caught my eye thanks to very regular play on the Dutch music TV channels during our summer 2002 trip to Amsterdam. K-Otic were one of the first manufactured 'TV bands' from that Popstars-era, and much loved by the great Acer Ben who was one of my biggest blogging influences. Come back Ben, we miss you!

Biarritz 2002: "En Apesanteur" - Calogero
Extremely saucy video clip! All I will say is, do not get into an elevator with this man, you never know where it will lead..... ;)))

Biarritz 2002: "Come Back To Me" - Cunnie Williams
I'd forgotten just how much I love this! A totally fabulous tune which (if you're old enough to remember) totally recalls Barry White's 70's soul hits. And if you're not old enough to remember....well just enjoy it for what it is - a great soul/pop song.

Prague 2005: "On My Head" - Dan Barta
OK so this isn't a summer holiday song, it's a spring holiday song but I can bend the rules can't I!! This is a nice pop/rock song which got serious amounts of radio airplay at the time. And from what I can guess it's from a film about snowboarding. Now that's not very summery, is it???

Nice 2005: "Love Generation" - Bob Sinclar
At that time this song was best known as the new theme to Star Academy 5; I became obsessed with it and much later it was eventually played to the point of irritation, when I didn't want to hear it anymore. Yet it remains a fresh, feelgood, summery dance anthem, free of any of the dire ingredients which make today's dance music so formulaic and tedious.

Cologne 2006; "Klar" - Jan Delay
Long before he reached Eurovision interval-act notoriety, I was watching this on German music channels during my holiday in Berlin and bopping around the hotel room to this extremely funky tune.

Nice 2008: "Comme Avant" - Sheryfa Luna & Mathieu Edward
Two products of the French reality-TV-pop system - from Popstars and Star Academy respectively - duetting on a very fine r'n'b pop song which has stood the test of time.

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