Monday, July 18, 2011

Summertime: a round-up and a temporary farewell

Firstly an apology.

My plan for 2011 was to take EuropeCrazy right back to its early days, to publish more regular updates etc (especially as Planet Salem has been on a break). I hate breaking promises, but unfortunately I've had to break this one. Due to other commitments, time restrictions, personal circumstances, health problems etc etc, this hasn't been possible.

I need a bit of time out now, so I'm putting this blog on hold for a while. Hoping to be back at the end of September (following my summer holiday). Don't worry, EuropeCrazy is not closing down - I love doing this blog too much! But at the moment I'm just not able to put the hours in to make this blog what it should be.

A couple of things to mention before we go....

The Swedish TV summer extravaganzas are in full swing. And here's my verdict.

1) I'm loving Måns on Allsång, he's great! He is an absolute natural in the presenting role - and has managed to do the impossible and shut up the Swedish press from their usual critical coverage which we expect every summer. Well done Måns!! Great to see him singing on the show too. It helped that this summer's series started on a high, with Danny and September among the guests. It was also very interesting last week to see Veronica Maggio - Swedish music's woman of the moment - make a triumphant return to the show. I remember seeing her on the show back in 2008, and thinking how uncomfortable she looked! Things have changed so much....Allsång is now the show to appear on, and the hottest acts are queuing up.

2) Best thing about Lotta på Liseberg this year? Swingfly, Christoffer Hiding and Pauline. Fab, fab, fab.

3) Let's not forget about Sommarkrysset: Jedward-mania and Christer Sjogren singing "Bad Romance"!

Tour de France: two weeks down, one to go

Crashes, drama, Thor Hushovd in yellow, Wiggins injured, Contador below par, Cavendish winning stages, more crashes, motorbikes running riders over, cars running riders over, more crashes, more injuries, Thomas Voeckler in yellow, Mark Cavendish in green, Team Schleck in waiting.....

Loving every moment of it. The best thing about summer.

OK I'm outta here....have a fun summer everyone and I'll see you all back here in a few weeks.

Laura xx

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