Monday, October 24, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2012 rumours...

...yes it's that time again to start reading the Swedish tabloids and guessing how many of the rumours are true.

Today Aftonbladet posted a list of some of the artists said to be competing in next year's MF -

I froze in terror at the news of Charlotte Perrelli returning with a Fredrik Kempe song - no offence Charlotte or Fredrik, but isn't it about time someone else was given a chance??

Danny Saucedo will also be back as a solo artist, but his E.M.D. bandmates Mattias Andréasson and Erik Segerstedt have also submitted their own songs in different musical styles. I'm quite surprised about this as I'd hoped/expected E.M.D. to return to MF next year.

Molly Sandén will also return, hoping to follow in the footsteps of her boyfriend Eric Saade and be chosen as Sweden's representative. I wonder if she'll get a big ballad or an uptempo song?

There is also someone called Thorsten Flinck, allegedly with a G:son song?! This could either go straight to the final or totally bomb.

Finally where would Melodifestivalen be without a dansband? This time it's Top Cats, although I thought Elisa's might have been a more obvious choice?

Of course it's all a mix of rumours and leaks at this stage so anything is possible! As usual the most interesting entrants at MF can be the ones you didn't really expect anything from - like Loreen or Swingfly from this year's contest for example.

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Anonymous said...

Romania wants Charlotte back!:)