Sunday, January 22, 2012

P3 Guld 2012

The 2012 P3 Guldgalan took place at Lisebergshallen in Gothenburg last night. The presenter of last night's extravaganza was none other than Salem Al Fakir!

Here are the winners of this year's awards voted for by listeners to Swedish radio P3.

Årets grupp: Deportees
Årets pop: Syket
Årets artist: Kapten Röd
Årets hiphop/soul: Ison & Fille
Guldmicken: Kapten Röd
Årets dans: L-Wiz
Årets låt: "Vart jag mig i världen vänder" - Den Svenska Björnstammen
Årets rock/metal: Graveyard
Årets nykomling: Den Svenska Björnstammen

Of course the Guldgalan is as much about the live performances as the award winners, and as usual, they didn't disappoint. Fibes, Oh Fibes!, a long time favourite of this blog premiered their long-awaited new single "Apex of the Sun" in front of their home crowd.

Check out this link for all the live performances from last night:

Oh and one more thing....there have been many memorable P3 Guld performances over the years and here's another one to add to the list. Despite stories before the show that Salem wouldn't be singing, well he surprised us and he did sing after all!!

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