Sunday, January 22, 2012


Tonight was the first (of many) "Super Saturdays" for us Eurovision fans to gather at our laptops and hope for un-buffering streams.

Unfotunately I didn't catch the Danish final till it was almost over, but I saw enough of it to appreciate the fabulous production values and the must-see retro clips. I also wired up my HDMI cable from the computer to the TV which meant that I could watch the remainder of the final on the big screen. Just in time for the final song "Venter" which immediately passed the "mum test". "That's too good for Eurovision!" she declared immediately. Her appreciative tone continued all the way through Alexander Rybak's ESC medley and into the long-awaited appearance by A Friend In London, reprising 2011's DMGP winner "New Tomorrow". She remembered the song immediately although she probably hadn't heard it since last May. She also remembered how good-looking Tim Schou is :)

It's amazing how that song has stood the test of time and if anything, it's got better and better. I'm not sure what was the point of Howie D's guest appearance though?

Unfortunately, the joy of a top quality Danish winner was not to be repeated. Neither Christian and Patrik (dodgy top notes notwithstanding) nor Jesper Nohrstedt (a.k.a "the wee Bieber guy" as I lazily nicknamed him), either of whom we'd have been happy with as Denmark's 2012 representatives, got the call to Baku. Nope, it was Soluna Samay (pictured below) initially dressed up like a Cheryl Cole "Fight For This Love" tribute act - which immediately doomed her at EuropeCrazy HQ before she had even sung a note. The song, "Should've Known Better" turned out to be three minutes in blandsville and immediately recalled Anna Bergendahl's Swedish entry of 2010. Regular readers of EuropeCrazy will know what I thought of that, so enough said.

To summarise: a bad, and totally inexplicable choice of song to represent Denmark at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. I'm now gearing up for a season of inevitable disappointment, 2001-style, as national final after national final produces results which I don't agree with....

Above: Christian Brøns & Patrik Isaksson - it may have been a bit dated sounding, but "Venter" was a hit with the EuropeCrazy HQ jury.

Above: Jesper Nohrstedt - "Take Our Hearts" might not have won, but as a contemporary pop song with an Avicii-style vibe, it's bang up to date and I'd predict that it will go on to be the biggest hit of this year's DMGP.

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