Friday, February 10, 2012

Just a minute: Melodifestivalen Week 2 snippets

Haven't really had much time to blog this week and won't be around till later tomorrow but just a quick post about Saturday night's MF heat 2 songs, based on the minute-long snippets.

Firstly I was surprised by Ulrik Munther's song "Soldiers" which proved my lazy comparisons with Justin Bieber to be unfounded: judging by this, it's more Ryan Tedder/OneRepublic. Which is good. Qualification assured. Unlike Top Cats. Really, what's the point? Is there some rockabilly quota to fulfil? This is like the Vauxhall Conference version of "The King". Baby doll, rock n' roll. Hmph. Sonja Aldén is very good of course, she has great vocal control but judging the short clip I can only say her song is good but not spectacular.

Andreas Lundstedt's song is more dancey and less disco than the mighty Alcazar but I liked what I heard although on first listening, not so memorable. It probably won't qualify of course but may go on to have a post-contest life just as "The Boy Can Dance" which is leading my week's playlist as we speak.

I've already prepared faithful travelling companion for Timoteij's song. I've told him it's not as good as "Kom" (but then, what is?) anyway I still think it's a qualifier but in my time-honoured fence-sitting style, I'm not sure where to.

David Lindgren was a major surprise and I'm looking forward to seeing him perform "Shout It Out" in full tomorrow night. Mimi Oh: Not Minnie Oh - wrong name, wrong country - but although this one's contemporary pop-dance stomper will probably fail to make the grade tomorrow night, I can see it having a longer life, at least in pop blogland.

Finally, prepare to be shocked: I liked what I heard of Thomas Di Leva's "Ge Aldrig Upp" but his image and styling is very offputting though. Based on the clips I'm predicting qualification for Timoteij, Ulrik Munther, David Lindgren and Thomas Di Leva on Saturday night, but who's going where I still don't know!

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