Monday, February 27, 2012

The Playlist: January-February 2012

"The Boy Can Dance" - Afro-Dite: one of the very few songs in this year's Melodifestivalen which I'll continue to listen to after the contest.

"Stay" - Tooji: an absolute cracker representing Norway this year. Modern beats blended with eastern rhythms = success! (hopefully).

"Shapeshifter" - Rikke Normann: I really enjoyed following the Norwegian national finals his year and even though I didn't really enjoy the performance on the night, this works very well indeed on record.

"You and I" - Minnie-Oh: a cracking wee song from the MGP. She's charming and captivating and very different, and I hope we see her again in the contest in the future.

"Take Our Hearts" - Jesper Nohrstedt: I'm probably calling it this year's "Yes Man" with a considerable post-(D)MGP life on my playlist.

"Remedy" - J-Son featuring Salem Al Fakir: these are exciting times for our main man: recently married, baby on the way and soundtracking it all is this joy-filled rap/pop crossover collaboration with rapper J-Son.

"Live Tomorrow" - Lena Philipsson: I'm not really a fan of Laleh but I'm enjoying Lena's version of this song, the sentiment of which is very appropriate at this point in time.

"Hugarro" - Magni Asgeirsson: he gave his typical passionate performance of this rock ballad in the Icelandic final, but of course it was Jonsi and Greta's year.

"Somebody That I Used To Know" - Gotye featuring Kimbra: yes I know it's pretty ubiquitous by now but on the plus side, it's not Someone Like You or Jessie J :)

"America" - Le Kid: for some reason I've got right into this song again. Just a pure pop song, nothing more and nothing less.

"My Own Worst Enemy" - Robert Pettersson featuring Helena Josefsson: It's very James Bond-ish and dramatic so it's very appropriate that it's a Swedish movie theme, with distinctive vocals from the Takida frontman.

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