Saturday, July 07, 2012

Retro Saturday: Guesch Patti

With my favourite annual sporting event going on at the moment - the Tour de France, need you ask - I thought I'd do a little trip back in time with a distinctly French flavour tonight. 

Back in 1988 - which I've decided to log in the history books as an officially fab year although admittedly it had its ups and downs - French pop singer Guesch Patti had a bit of a pan-European hit with the grammatically incorrect "Let Be Must The Queen".  The song came to my attention all those years ago after it got an airing on some British TV show or other, maybe Rapido, although my memory is a bit hazy on this one.  Anyway I thought it was time to feature it on Retro Saturday.  Very 'French' and very much "of its time" but hey, that's not so bad.

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