Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Great Digital Detox Experiment: August 2012

It all started with a random conversation with one of the girls at work yesterday, about how much time I spend on the internet, when I could be watching my telly backlog, reading books, doing other things at home.   I wouldn't want to give up the internet for good, but it then got me thinking about whether I could give up surfing for one month, which sounds a more do-able proposition.

(The only exceptions to this rule will be logging my food intake on Weight Watchers Online, online shopping when required, checking the local 5 day weather forecast and watching TV on demand).

Otherwise, from August 1st until August 31st there will be no surfing, no blogging, no tweeting, no emails, no reading message boards, no future holiday research, no YouTube videos, no discovering new music, no showbiz, TV or music news.  It's digital detox time!  I will be writing a diary during the month complete with all the withdrawal symptoms (!) and will let you know how I got on. My other two blogs will also be closed for the duration of August, and I will be back on September 1st with my very own "rentrée".

 Off to watch the Olympics now...see you in September :)

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