Sunday, September 02, 2012

Nice to see you (again) see you, Nice!

September is here, and the great digital detox experiment is over.

The past month taught me that you can't totally live without the internet - it is such an important part of our daily lives now and we still need it, whether to plan travel journeys/timetables, or online shopping, or checking the weather forecast or listening to a radio station or watching a TV show from another country.  All of which I did over the past month.

However it also taught me that I could live without the time-consuming temptations of blogging, Twitter, showbiz news sites and messageboards....but out of all that, the only thing I really missed was my online friends.

For the first two weeks of the month I was glued to the Olympics - what an amazing time that was!  I also managed to get a number of outstanding jobs done at home, most of which I probably could never have achieved if I'd continued my online obsession.

One very important piece of news since my previous posting, and an explanation for this blog post title.  Not only is it a well-known Bruce Forsyth catchphrase of course, but it's also a very bad pun to introduce my big announcement:

We're off on holiday again in the next couple of weeks!  It's all very last-minute, as up till very, very recently it was looking like a September 'staycation' but we're now returning to a very familiar old haunt, and one of our most favourite places: the wonderful city of Nice, on the French Riviera.

Over the next few days there will be some posts about some stuff from August, but I'll also be very busy preparing for the holiday so I can't promise when they will appear (but hopefully soon!).

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