Saturday, September 29, 2012

Moneybrother's new album - could it be the last?

This past week, Swedish singer-songwriter Anders Wendin a.k.a. Moneybrother, released his latest album "This Is Where Life Is" which (by the sound of the iTunes clips I've just been listening to) sounds like another goodie, with his usual mix of passionate urgency and swagger, brassy pop, Clash-style rock and reggae rhythms.   But could it be his farewell album?  Possibly, if this Aftonbladet interview/article is anything to go by:

This new album was a massive challenge, as it was recorded in no less than seven different cities across the world. According to the article Anders says " I do not know how to ever be able to top this...I would not be surprised if this was my last album".  Over the past few years Anders - for me, Sweden's answer to Bruce Springsteen - has carried on doing his own thing, swimming against the tide of bland, modern, dreary pop and making the music he wants on his own terms: I'm sure that whatever musical path Anders chooses to follow from here on will bring us more creativity and great music.

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