Sunday, December 30, 2012

My musical wish list for 2013...

So that's 2012 almost out of the way. I don't know what musical treats 2013 will bring (apart from that new Empire of the Sun album of course) but it can't be any worse than this year.

So here is my wish list for 2013: as things stand, I can't see any of them coming true, but I can dream!

I would love to see an end to the charts and radio being dominated by the following...

1. Dubstep
2. Grime
3. Generic electronic dance music
4. Overrated (and occasionally overexposed) female artists
5. 'The New Boring'
6. R'n'B
7. Talent show winners and losers

I would also look forward to a time when international charts would be distinguishable from each other again, with 'local' artists breaking through with exciting new music, instead of the current situation where every chart is interchangeable, filled with generic international hits.  One day....

This is my last post on EuropeCrazy for 2012, so I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all my loyal friends and readers of this blog for your continued support and friendship over the past year.  I haven't always had the time (or the energy) to blog regularly, and that isn't really going to change any time soon, but I still enjoy blogging and am looking forward to taking EuropeCrazy to its 6th birthday and beyond!

Have a very happy new year everyone!

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