Saturday, December 29, 2012

The 2012-50: No.40 - No.31

40. "Never Forget" - Gréta Salóme & Jónsi.

All of us with a Nordic knitwear obsession particularly loved that video clip :)  I thoroughly enjoyed the Songvakeppni 2012 experience although had mixed feelings regarding the result, as I was glad to see Greta and Jonsi win although I really wanted Magni to win.  In other words it's a win-win situation!  A delightful, dramatic epic number which was criminally under-appreciated by the televoters of Europe at the final in Baku.

39. "Avalon" - Professor Green featuring Sierra Kusterbeck. 

Another one of those 'technicalities' which was released in 2011 but only came to my attention this year thanks to its use in an advert, if I remember, for an energy drink.  Good rap manages to blend various musical genres and this rap/rock blend is a good example of that: think Eminem duetting with Evanescence and you get the idea.

38.  "When I Held Ya" - Moa Lignell.

In the long-established style of Swedish Idol, here's another one of its non-winning finalists who achieved success and a lot of radio airplay in her home country.  Moa is only 18 years old yet this song and its follow-up "Whatever They Do" indicated a great musical maturity beyond her years.

37.  "Rota" - Demet Akalin feat. Erdem Kinay.

A Turkish take on the electronic dance music theme.  This electro-dance stomper comes from one of faithful travelling companion's favourite Turkish female artists and I discovered it earlier in the year whilst doing some pre-holiday musical research.  It's a very catchy dance track which I never tire of.

36.  "Why Start A Fire" - Lisa Miskovsky. 

I'll admit that initially I didn't like this on first hearing, but it was such a grower that by the time we got to the final at Globen this classy pop song became one of my favourites and had considerable staying power for me long after the contest.   Co-written by a Norwegian songwriting team, including the lovely Aleksander With, by the way.

35. "Flytta på Dej!" - Alina Devecerski.

Terrifyingly catchy electro-pop tune from one of Sweden’s hottest pop discoveries of the year. Even if it was a bit too representative of the "EDM" generic sound of 2012, and that chavvy style was so not a good look, it stood out thanks to its slightly bonkers quality and that flytta-flytta-flytta-flytta hook.

34. "Rockstar" - Dappy featuring Brian May.

...And staying on the chavvy theme, firstly, I can’t stand Dappy, nor N-Dubz ("I Need You" excepted) and don’t even start me on that ex-bandmate of his who is now on that talent show panel (although not for much longer if there's any truth in the rumours). But reluctant credit on this one where it’s due: the lyrics may be completely corny, OK totally rubbish then, but my sanity has completely gone as I totally love the production on this, and the result is a rather good pop song.  (As indeed was "No Regrets" with that all-important key-change!)

33. "Nobody Knows" - Darin.

It's been a very good career move for him, appearing in the 3rd series of "Så mycket bättre" hasn't it!  As I write this, he continues to hold the top two positions in the Swedish iTunes singles chart with "En Apa Som Lika Dig" and "Astrologen" but let's rewind to earlier in the year for my 33rd favourite song of 2012.  Here he is at Allsång På Skansen with a triumphant summer performance.  It's a pity he probably won't be doing Melodifestivalen again as this song would have fitted in there very well.  Welcome back Darin!

32. "Don't You Worry Child" - Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin.

The trio of Swedish superstar DJs decided to call it a day this year and what a way to go.  One of the year's top dance anthems which has just grown in stature over recent months and has completely grown on me over that time.  They may be going their separate ways, but one thing's for sure - there is much more to come from Axwell, Ingrosso and Angello.

31.  "Drive By" - Train.

Aah, good old Train.  They seem to have the knack of knocking out an international hit, like "Hey Soul Sister" and then disappear for a couple of years and then come back with yet another international hit, like the catchy-as-hell radio playlist staple "Drive By".  For some reason, people don't really want to have them around for longer than that big international hit.  Which is a bit of a shame really.

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