Saturday, March 01, 2014

Estonia.... :(

(to the tune of Euphoria)

Why, why do I watch this contest every year
Only for the whole damn thing to end in tears
Good songs, but they don't make it to the final vote
Remember, the last decent one you had was Ott

Estonia!  You really f****d it up this time
The song you picked was such a crime
You're going out, out, out, out

Estonia! Why didn't you vote for Nurmsalu?
She'd get you top 5 that's for sure
You're going out, out, out, out

You, you have such vocal talent in your ranks
So why, do you choose something that's a pile of w**k
Reject potential winners with a lot of class
For bog standard parody that's total trash

Estonia! I'm really angry with you now
So would you like to tell me how
You chose the wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong song

Estonia! I can't believe the Sandra-hate
So I guess that we'll just have to wait
For another win, win, win, win

Sandra Nurmsalu is now the one that got away
And one more time, I'd really like to say....

Estonia!  You got it wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!

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