Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Puerto Pollensa Diaries: Day 3 - Friday 18th September 2015

Today brings the first of our 'day trips' although we're not heading too far out of PP as it's only a 15 minute bus journey to Alcudia town.  The local buses are very frequent but also get very busy. Alcudia is a familiar name to many British holidaymakers but the main tourist area is actually Port d'Alcudia and Platja d'Alcudia, which are different from Alcudia town, which is inland, and where we are today.

The first thing which greets you on arrival is the town's medieval wall, which we later walk a section of - I found it a bit scary though, and didn't last very long!

Time for a coffee stop at one of Alcudia's many outdoor cafes.  The weather is a lot warmer today and I guess that the fact that we are inland means we're missing out on those sea breezes.

Alcudia is a lovely old town with lots of little narrow winding streets.

Within the centre of the town there are lots of little shops and a good selection of restaurants.  Some cake shops too: unfortunately to this day I still haven't tried the Mallorcan spiral speciality Ensaimada for one reason or another - so here's a picture of some instead, from a cake shop in Alcudia.

One thing I must mention is that there has been a severe lack of Spanish hunks so far during this holiday.  Most of the waiters in PP have been a bit too old :((((  Finally though there is some hope as one of the waiters in the restaurant where we're having lunch today catches my eye!

After lunch we explore Alcudia further, including that very short stint on the town's wall.  We then walk around the perimeter of the wall around the town.  By late afternoon we have a very welcome stop where I enjoy one of my traditional holiday faves - a fresh orange juice.

A short journey back to PP on the bus and then it's back to the hotel to get ready for our Friday night out.  Would PP be jumping tonight?  Party central?  But do you know what?  That's fine by us.  We are really enjoying this most laid-back of summer holidays.  And tonight it's tapas time!

After the past 2 nights trying and failing to get into this very small tapas restaurant on the seafront, it's third time lucky as we've pre-booked.   We have a lovely meal - so far we've really had good luck with our meals in this resort.

Dinner over and we have a stroll up the Pine Walk area where there are more posh and pricier establishments, before ending up at where else but Bony's. Now I don't drink cocktails in 'normal' life but on holiday I like to have the odd one or two.  In the absence of my old fave Blue Lagoon, I order this lookalike Bony's special which was called a Lady Gaga.  It certainly gets my "applause, applause, applause" and after a couple of these I guarantee you'll want to "just dance" and you won't have a "poker face" any more (right Laura - that's enough!)

It's after midnight, but you'd never know it was Friday night as the journey back to our hotel is as quiet as ever!

In the next instalment: we're off to Pollença town.

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