Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Puerto Pollensa Diaries: Day 4 - Saturday 19th September 2015

Another day, and another day trip.  Today we're once again using the local bus service which will take us to Pollença town which is a short journey of 4 miles inland.  PP and Alcudia share the similarity of being coastal resorts with lovely inland old towns.  The weather is again a bit hotter today and I'm struggling with the heat after arriving in Pollença so it's not too long till we thankfully have a lunch stop on the main square which is anything but quiet today.  There's some kind of cycling event with a number of information stalls and there's also a BMX-style stunt display accompanying our lunch, which is a good old Spanish omelette!

After lunch we take a stroll around the old town.  I'm particularly taken with this old town street view.

Here is a plaque which I discovered on our travels which was dedicated to those who fought for democracy in the 1936 Spanish Civil War.

One of Pollença town's main attractions is a stairway of no less than 365 steps up to a chapel at the top of the hill, known as Calvary.  A few people were attempting this but we were not among them.  I managed a bog-standard 50 steps and that was all I could manage, what with the dodgy knees and carrying all this extra weight, :( coupled with the baking heat, anyway it is quite a challenge for anyone who is fit enough to manage it so good luck to them!

By the way, the shop on the left was a bag shop which caught my attention because the radio was playing "Regrets" by Mylene Farmer - a fantastic song which will always be very special to me.

So having abandoned the steps it was time to do some more exploring around this very pretty small town, where life is lived at a deliciously slow pace if this tapas bar is anything to go by...

Time for coffee and cake at a cafe on the square....

...during our coffee stop I received a text from one of my lovely old friends, the "ladies who lunch", who was also on holiday in another part of Mallorca with her husband.

But time was ticking away and it wouldn't be long before we were heading back on the bus to PP, back to the hotel to get ready for another warm and pleasant evening in the resort.  Tonight we had dinner at an Indian restaurant on the main square, and very tasty it was too!

Of course there is a pattern developing here.... the restaurant was literally just a few yards away from the now-legendary Bony's.  No cocktails for me tonight though; but I thought this mini-wine bucket was pretty fab and worth a photo opportunity!

In the next instalment: a lazy Sunday in PP.

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