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The Puerto Pollensa Diaries: Day 5 - Sunday 20th September 2015

After the travels of the past 2 days, we're staying local today.  It's Sunday so we would expect things to be a little bit quieter and more laid back so we're slowing the pace right down today even more than usual.  That's what I've loved about this holiday - usually we don't do "relaxing" on holiday as we try to pack in as much as possible, but this has been our most relaxed holiday ever.

There's one important thing we have to do today - to check out the famous cycling-themed bar/restaurant Tolo's on the seafront, for a mid-morning coffee stop.  Over the past few days we've noticed a lot of cycling teams having dinner or drinks here.  But it's not just for cyclists - everyone is welcome, although if you're keen cycling fans like faithful travelling companion and myself, this has a very special interest.  For if you go inside, you'll see lots of memorabilia provided by none other than the great Bradley Wiggins!

I was particularly excited by one other thing on display at Tolo's: a Tour de France lion!  Now I absolutely love these lions (if you don't know anything about Le Tour, a toy lion is given to the yellow jersey holder each day of the race) and I wish they were available to buy.  But failing that, here's a picture of one!

PP is very quiet today.  The town has a nice little square surrounded by a good selection of restaurants on three sides and this church at the top.

We have lunch at one of the restaurants on the square, and I have to say that it's one of the best pizzas I've tasted in years.

I mentioned in an earlier post that flies were everywhere in PP, and I discovered quickly that they have a particular thing for pizza.  So with both of us having pizza for lunch, we spend most of our time swatting flies away.  I suggest to faithful travelling companion that PP should maybe sell toy flies as souvenirs (!)

After lunch we take a slow stroll around and buy some more souvenirs.  We inevitably end up at our favourite cafe.  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my new little friend Tortilla, who already has developed a taste for lemon-flavoured slush which is the perfect drink for a hot day like this.

The one thing I love about going on holiday at this time of year is seeing all the lovely plants and flowers which you just don't get at home.

Despite this most relaxed day, the hours still fly by too fast so it's not long before we're heading back to get ready to go out for dinner.  As we're dining at a very popular restaurant tonight we had to pre-book.

Whilst shopping over the week I've seen this local Mallorcan liqueur called Tunel, which comes in three different strengths and varying sizes.  It also comes in a unique green bottle, which I thought would make a great vase.  And guess what?  So did our restaurant tonight!

Later in the holiday I would buy a small bottle of Tunel to take home.  It's a very pleasant, aniseed-flavoured liqueur.  And once the bottle is finished I will turn it into a nice ornament :)

We have another very nice meal tonight, accompanied at some points by the usual wandering street entertainers including a rather good flamenco guitarist and the ubiquitous capoeiro dance group who seem to be out in the streets of PP every night.

Needless to say, you know where we are going to end up tonight, especially as the restaurant is only just around the corner.  Yes, we are back at Bonys, with all its crazy and funny signs.  But tonight's one really beats them all.  And you know what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.  So I will let this one speak for itself.

Of course I'm just thinking "Pipi for everybody dance....come on and dance!"  Aww Bonys, I just love you.   Because you have flashing disco lights in the toilets.  So what's not to love??

Whilst at Bonys, "Heroes" comes on the radio, but is then drowned out by an experimental busking group outside the bar - they are definitely not "the heroes of our time".  Talking of Eurovision songs, I've heard "Amanecer" a few times during this holiday.

We don't stay out too late tonight because we are off on our travels again tomorrow - this time returning to an old favourite.

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