Saturday, December 26, 2015

The 2015-50: an introduction

Yes it's time for the 9th annual running of my annual year-end chart of my top 50 favourite songs of the year.  At one point earlier on in the year, I wondered if there would even be enough songs to make a top 50, which probably said more about the fact that I hadn't really listened to, or made an effort to discover, much music this year.

However, when I began to count the contenders, I ended up with around 75 songs which I've shortlisted to the top 50.

Who will follow Salem Al Fakir, Swingfly, J-Son, Oskar Linnros and Albin featuring Kristin Amparo to be crowned my chart champion of 2015?  Will it be yet another in a long line of Swedish artists - or will the Swedish domination be broken for the first time?

The criteria....

As usual, my chart, my rules, blah blah blah.  So you'll see some songs from 2014 songs in there, but I will explain the reason why when they make an appearance in the chart.

So let's kick-off with songs 41-50.

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