Sunday, January 17, 2016

A weird Norwegian dream

I haven't been sleeping very well over the past week - there's a lot of stuff going on (not directly involving me) and it's obviously messed with my mind enough to end up having a totally random and unrelated weird dream involving me, my late mum, ESC 1986 Norwegian representative Ketil Stokkan and a trip to Norway!

Venue: a hotel in an undisclosed location somewhere in Norway.  This was no ordinary hotel as it opened up at the back to acres and acres of parks, streams and trees.  It was packed with people and I had managed to talk my mum into going to Norway with me to see a concert by Ketil Stokkan who had come out of retirement for this big comeback show which was taking place in a big lounge in the hotel, but there wasn't a big stage - instead the acts had to stand behind the bar where they would sing and perform their show.  We got ready for the big concert and headed down to the bar. There were many excitable Norwegians in the crowd and also some curious British and Americans employed in the oil industry.

Anyway Ketil appeared and started singing but there was no sound.  Despite changes of microphone the sound ceased to work.  My mum got fed up waiting and decided to go back to the impossibly luxurious hotel room but I begged her to stay in the bar, in my most pleading and whiny voice "I need to hear him singing Romeo, I can't miss that!". (Incidentally prior to the show, the organisers presented a massive cake with the word Romeo written in icing on top of the cake)

So she reluctantly decided to stay and we waited and time passed and still no sign of Ketil who had left the stage/bar.  Eventually he then came back on wearing his ESC 1986 trouser suit and started to sing.  This time the sound was working but for some reason he was singing a lot of old rock and roll songs (think Shakin' Stevens!) rather than his own songs.  The booing started and the crowd yelled "sing Romeo!"  I was all geared up to join in the famous "Romeo" dance routine as well.  But then I woke up, which was extremely frustrating as I wanted to find out how the dream ended.  Would he sing "Romeo"?  Would I get the chance to do the dance? Would he ever change my mind about "Brandenburger Tor"? (not one of my favourite ESC songs!)

Aah, so many questions ....but anyway, dream analysts - just what was that dream all about????? A subliminal commemoration of 30 years since my all-time favourite Norwegian ESC entry?  Or something completely different?  This was such a vivid dream that I just had to blog about it of course!

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