Monday, January 04, 2010

Only the names have been changed...!

Interesting to see that one of my all-time favourite reality pop contestants, Darius, is one of the contestants appearing in the new celeb-reality "Pop Star to Opera Star" show which is coming to ITV1 on Friday nights.

Slightly more baffling though is that he has now changed his name from Darius Danesh to Darius Campbell. Surely it's not the name but the talent that counts? He did pretty well for a while in musical theatre being Darius Danesh, so why the change now? (I sincerely hope it's not to appease any mindless morons working in the entertainment business who may view anyone with a non-English-sounding name with suspicion....!)


Keira said...

Unrelated, but I thought you might like to know; I bought Anna Abreu's latest album today, and noticed that one of the songs was written by Osmo. Its called Mr Perfect, I expect its on youtube. Its quite good. Interesting to see he's writing songs for other artists too.

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks for this one! I'm looking forward to hearing this song.

Unfortunately I'm still caught up in home improvement stuff at the moment, which has been prolonged by some unexpected and unwelcome complications, therefore it looks as if it might be at least another week or so before normal blogging service is resumed on here :( However it's been a long, hard day preceded by a difficult week, so I'm catching up with events in blog-land, accompanied by some well-deserved "grape juice"....!