Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eddie's out!

I just found out this afternoon, whilst browsing the web during my afternoon tea break at work, that Eddie Razaz, one of the most beautiful men in Sweden, has come out. He announced in an interview to QX magazine that he is gay.

9 hours later....*still blubbing into my straight-woman hankies: obviously I was too much in love with him to notice that the batteries in my gaydar needed replacing*

Straight-woman-blubbing aside, I'm very happy for him so let's celebrate a "beautiful day" with one of Eddie's Idol performances from last year's competition....

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Rachel said...

Me and Keira have just been to our Union's monthly gay night,which also turned out to be a foam party.So many beautiful topless men shouldn't be allowed in one room,so I'm blubbing into my straight-woman hanky now too.