Saturday, April 03, 2010

This week's playlist: Now count to twenty and here we go again

Hello y'all....

4 O'Clock/Keep On Walking/Virgin Mary/Red Rock/Bloody Breakfast/This Is For - Salem Al Fakir: it's only April, but "Ignore This" is the album of the year. And nothing will change that very obvious fact.

Manboy - Eric Saade: this is what a weekend in Sweden does to you :)

You're Out Of My Life - Darin: ditto.

Unstoppable - Ola: one of the major 'radio hits' to come out of this year's Melodifestivalen, and rewarded this week with top spot in the Sverige Topplistan singles chart.

Kom - Timoteij: ditto. Dangerously catchy tune. Faithful travelling companion is obsessed with them....:))))

I'm Not Mad - Alex Gardner: is this going to be one in yet another long line of great lost blogland hits???

On A Mission - Gabriella Cilmi: at least this one did make the charts. Will need to check her album out.

Memories - David Guetta feat Kid Cudi: I heard this on holiday and didn't know who or what it was. Now I do, so it's a regular fixture on the old iPod.

Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding: this is a strange one. I like it sometimes but other times it annoys me...yet it all seemed to make sense when I heard it on P3 whilst in Gothenburg!

Respect - Adeva: something from "back in the day" which for some strange reason I've got into all over again.

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