Saturday, April 10, 2010

Retro Saturday: Malcolm McLaren

The man who gave the world the Sex Pistols died this week. McLaren was an innovator with a unique and unpredictable personality: the world will probably never see his like again, more's the pity. After helping to kick-start the much-needed punk revolution, he then introduced the British public to early hip hop.

Many other bloggers have posted videos of the punk and hip-hop stuff, so I'll move on to yet another concept he was involved in, back in the early 90s - "The Ghosts of Oxford Street". I particularly loved a song called "Magic's Back", with vocals from Alison Limerick who was later to become a very popular dance diva. This song combined a sweeping classical feel with irresistible dance beats, and still sounds very fresh today. Do you believe in magic?

Rest in peace.

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