Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just a minute....of this week's Melodifestivalen songs

"Lucky You" - Linda Sundblad. She looked a little like Veronica Maggio in the clip, don't you think? It's a tough week and I don't think this has any chance of qualifying, but I rather liked it. The song could be a real grower and I'd play it after the competition was over.

"Tid Att Andas" - Simon Forsberg. This week's big-Swedish-ballad. For me it was reminiscent of "Se på Mej" meets "Hollow". But yet again I don't think it'll make it out to either Globen or AC, unless he delivers a spectacular showstopping performance.

"Enemy" - Sara Lumholdt. One from the Avril Lavigne-by-numbers rock ballad conveyor belt, with a lot of elaborate dancing going on around it. She's got a good enough voice but this doesn't do it for me, sorry.

"The King" - The Playtones. There's still a lot of love for these Dansbandskampen winners in Sweden, so this will probably sneak a top 5 place but no more.

"I Thought It Was Forever" - Shirley's Angels. Wind machines, lots of big hair whooshing and big choreography. And Shirley Clamp at the helm. Yes it's a dramatic big gay old stomper, a kind of "Min Kärlek" slowed down for a new decade, and a definite top 5 I think.

"No One Else Could" - Sebastian. Don't expect me to be remotely rational or fair when it comes to the idea of Mr Karlsson returning to ESC. I love, love, love him! The song is a modern electro-pop-rock number and I hope it does well. After all, he was in "Idol" and that seems to mean more and more at MF - so let's hope it's the same this week. And he's even borrowed one of Salem Al Fakir's woolly hats (!) Aww!!

"Spring för Livet" - Sara Varga. Is this the same Sara Varga who was spinning discs behind REbound on Sommarkrysset last year? Because this is a million miles away from that. It's very unusual and different from anything else so far - so I'll stick my neck out and say it could go all Caroline af Ugglas. Or it could completely bomb.

"Popular" - Eric Saade. And now for the main course. He doesn't even need to turn up because he's so "popular" now that Globen is guaranteed. There's some slick dance routines and I see what they mean when they compare this riff to Lili & Sussie's "Oh Mama". Have we seen the winner? I don't know, will have to hear it in full. But on first hearing, well, I don't like it as much as I wanted to - "It's Gonna Rain" is so much better and they should have tried that at MF instead. But it will grow on me, no doubt. Once upon a time I hated "Manboy" but that eventually wore me down!

Prediction time, based on the clips:

To the final: Eric Saade and Sebastian
To Andra Chansen: Sara Varga and Shirley's Angels.

Answers on Saturday night!!

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