Thursday, February 03, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2011: Heat 1 song clips revealed

SVT has a little preview-show available, "Smyglyssna med Elsa" at which they'll be doing every Thursday with interviews with that week's artists, and short clips of the songs.

So this means the return of EuropeCrazy "Just A Minute" review of the songs (yes I've kept that little Rongedal reference!), which of course is only based on the short clips and I'll have to hear them in full which will maybe change my mind.

1. "Try Again" - Dilba. Very un-Dilba-like if you ask me, it's as if Dilba had been abducted by aliens and replaced by a "tonight Matthew I'm going to be Kylie Minogue"-type Dilba. Very dancey, but I can't see it qualifying here. It may be one of those songs which will go on to do quite well in the charts though.

2. "Me and My Drum" - Swingfly. Again this has virtually no chance of qualification whatsoever, but well worth a mention here as the featured vocalist on the chorus is none other than Christoffer Hiding, who was a big big fave of this blog when he was in Swedish Idol so I'm really looking forward to seeing him again.

3. "Something In Your Eyes" - Jenny Silver. Wind machine? Check. Glittery Charlotte-style dress? Check. Abba-piano? Check. The kind of song and dance routine that will have the schlager-obsessives going into raptures??? Check, check, check. A place in Globen is all but guaranteed. And, thankfully, she's ditched the silver hand thingy.

4. "On My Own" - Jonas Matsson. One of those webbjoker winners so we'd heard it before, and it could go either way - either sink without trace or grab that spot in Andra Chansen. It's a nice contrast to some of the other entries and has that very appealing Jason Mraz style.

5. "Oh My God!" - Le Kid. They are colourful, almost cartoonish, and are definitely putting the fun back into pop. Probably the first one of the songs which I'd want to hear in full. Reminds me of Little Boots and something else which I can't put my finger on. They're looking good for a place in Andra Chansen.

6. "Social Butterfly" - Rasmus Viberg. I don't really get the concept, and I think it'll sink without trace, but there is something about this song which suggests it could have some post-contest life on my iPod.

7. "Desperados" - Pernilla Andersson. She's pretty popular at the moment, and this is in Swedish (I wish there were more Swedish-language songs in the contest) but sadly this does nothing for me. A bit of a country feel to it, and again a possible AC qualifier?

8. "In The Club" - Danny. It's called "In The Club" don't you know. The title gets repeated quite a lot. Danny sings and raps (!) over a backing track which sounds as if it could have wandered right out of the Swedish House Mafia's studio. A killer draw position, a contemporary dance song, and the fact that he's, well, Danny - off you go to Globen!

Of course I could (and probably will) be completely wrong, but all will be revealed on Saturday night in Luleå!

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