Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Melodifestivalen: recommended blogs/sources

Couple of shout-outs about where to go for the most up to date information about MF:

Swedish Stereo - my good blogging-friend Damian's brilliant blog which is updated daily. Damian... I'll need to take some time-management tips from you as I still don't have the time for regular updates on this blog! (Been too busy tonight watching Salem Al Fakir's concert webcast and writing my review over at Planet Salem)

Scandipop - well-researched and regularly updated with lots of inside information and exclusives.

I should have a bit more time this Saturday and Sunday to write a few posts about national finals etc. and of course Melodifestivalen, which is always the major highlight of my musical year.

I found a brilliant post tonight over at This Must Be Pop, where Jessica totally articulates everything which all of us Melodifestivalen obsessives feel about the competition.


Damian said...

Thank you dear! Oh I'd like to get some tips from someone also because it was actually just the first day of schlager-circus to start and I'm almost done :) Hadn't too much job in January so had a lot of time for blog but now my job and MF tear me up completely, February is always exciting but difficult month for melofans :)

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Yes it's definitely the busiest month of the year...I know what you mean, when I think back to last February when Salem was in MF and I spent hours every night catching up with all the news reports and writing blog posts, those were the days :))) at least I used to be able to write some posts during my coffee break and lunch break at work but our new internet policy forbids blogging, although I really don't understand the reason for this.

I think you would need to become a full-time blogger to report absolutely everything about MF and all the other national finals too. Now that would be a great job!!