Saturday, February 15, 2014

Just a minute...of this week's Melodifestivalen songs

It's been described as the most musically diverse of the four heats, but will heat 3 in Gothenburg finally light up what's been (for me) an underwhelming Melodifestivalen so far?  Hmmmm.....

By the way, I'm reviewing the minute-clips rather than the studio versions: I've had the rare but welcome opportunity to work overtime today and therefore am now on the catch-up!
Outtrigger: "Echo"
Now I'm partial to a bit of rock but I prefer it to be more melodic rather than all the screaming death metally stuff.  Outtrigger first came to our attention of course with that "You" cover.  My mum isn't going to like the screaming.  Bits of this aren't too bad though - it's going to qualify, I just don't know what to. 
EKO: "Red"
From Echo to EKO.  They won the Svensktoppen contest thing, the new version of the webbjoker.  Does that automatically entitle you to the "spot of death" in every heat?  Looks like it here.  She is very striking with her long red hair - I have to show some solidarity here with my fellow long-red-haired girls, (although I've briefly abandoned it for a brief brunette phase) anyway this is very unusual and atmospheric and it may grow on me - but it's not a qualifier. 

Oscar Zia: "Yes We Can"

Silly sha-la-la-la-la lyrics in the chorus but that won't matter as Saade 3.0 - or is it Ewald 2.0? - will win over all the girls (and boys) who have probably found a new pop boy to love.  The song is rather genetic and average though on first listen. 

Shirley Clamp: "Burning Alive"

OK, first impressions - you know what we all say when we hear a new Shirley song? "well it's not Min Karlek, is it?"  Get past that though and this is a decent enough ballad although I'm imagining a dance-remix of it in my mind already.   The piano line is a bit "Grenade" isn't it, if we're looking for musical reference points?  The key change goes all Quedate Conmigo on us, and that's a good thing!

State of Drama: "All We Are" 

Big ol' hands in the air rock anthem, although the verses don't really fit the chorus.  It may make more sense when I hear the full version, although it doesn't really sound special enough to stand out and I don't like it as much as their 2013 song.  It sounds as if it should be soundtracking an advert or something.

Cajsa-Stina Akerstrom: "En enkel sång"

A simple song, and it is too.  A country ballad performed by a lady with a warm and mature voice.  I'm not familiar at all with any of her music, however this could 'do a Hoffsten' (as no-one's calling it) and qualify as it taps into the same market as the dead fish woman.  It's a bit on the boring side, but I think I prefer this to the dead fish. 

Ace Wilder: "Busy Doin' Nothin'"

I think this will divide people, this one.  Icona Pop and their fans will probably find it the sincerest form of flattery, but it's far too messy, chaotic and amateurish to progress any further.  Maybe I need to hear it again to really make up my mind.

Dr Alban and Jessica Folcker: "Around The World"

Based on the rehearsal clip, I think this will be very popular tonight at EuropeCrazy for all the wrong reasons.  Jessica's vocals are fine, but the vocals/rapping of Dr Alban - the legendary Dr Alban! - are in the so-bad-it's-good camp.  Good draw position, but if he doesn't up his game he won't be going to Stockholm, never mind 'around the world'!

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