Thursday, February 06, 2014

Just a minute...of this week's Melodifestivalen songs

J.E.M.: "Love Trigger" - so this is like we're now now rocking with and Britney...anyway there's a cheerfully amateurish quality to this.

The Refreshments: "Hallelujah" - on first hearing this is really vile, I can't find any other words to describe it.

Manda: "Glow" - she's obviously going for that Kelly Clarkson/Katy Perry song style but we will probably spend the whole song being distracted by the violinists in the sky high frocks.  This is quite nice but I'm not sure about her voice.

Panetoz: "Efter Solsken" - their catwalk music is going to be Premier Gaou which is pretty cool, as I liked that song a few years ago.  Panetoz would probably aspire to be a Swedish version of Magic System, but this sadly goes nowhere and doesn't have the addictive quality of their summer hit Dansa Pausa. 

Pink Pistols: "I Am Somebody" - I want to love this but on the 1 minute clip it's not going anywhere.  There will be lots of strutting and hand gestures by the looks of it though...

Sanna Nielsen: "Undo"-  hopefully she will not come in like a wrecking ball.  Or indeed, on one. I'm not a fan of hers but this sounded pretty ok.  It needs a big ol' dance remix though.

Little Great Things: "Set Yourself Free" - these are Nanne's boys of course and on first hearing I liked what I heard.  I think this could be one of the songs from this year which I'll listen to after the contest.

Martin Stenmarck: "Nar Anglarna Gar Hem" (sorry for the lack of umlaut type things but my Character Map isn't working tonight) - now you know I'm partial to this kind of anthemic Coldplayish kind of song and Martin does it pretty well.  The down side is that he seems to have offended the stylist for some reason.

Will the full versions change my mind on Saturday?  Hope so!  In the meantime, I'll predict 4 qualifiers for this week: Sanna, Martin, Little Great Things and the dreaded Refreshments...

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