Saturday, February 22, 2014

Just a minute...of this week's Melodifestivalen songs

Does this week's line-up contain the winner?  Possibly.  Or then again, maybe not !?!

Alcazar: "Blame It On The Disco": It's the return of Stay The Night!  Only with a weaker verse, and it's probably a weaker song than we would expect from the 'Zar.  But there is a glitterball, and they will give it their all.  It will be all about the 'show' on Saturday night and this is always their ace card. And their outfits are fab-u-lous.

I.D.A.: "Fight Me If You Dare": being second in the running order means you know what to expect by now (although last week's song by EKO is definitely an exception to the rule) so I didn't expect much from this song, and can see it propping up the scoreboard this week.

Josef Johansson: "Hela Natten": not really sure what's going on with his hairdo, but I'm happy to report that this electro-ballad is actually rather good and might just steal a qualifying place.

Ammotrack: "Raise Your Hands": I was looking forward to them but this is a very average rock song, nothing to get excited about.

Janet Leon: "Hollow": death by choreography.  What is it with Sweden that they must have stupid 'lyrical' dancers?  Unfortunately this song isn't good enough to rise above the bad dancing,

Linda Bengtzing: "Ta Mig".  Another much-loved Melo-veteran making her comeback this year.  This one was pretty hard to judge on the 1 minute clip and I need to hear more of it

Ellinore Holmer: "En Himmelsk Sång".  Yes there is one of these slow songs every week, usually towards the end of the running order, with no choreography or faffing about.  Can't see this qualifying.

Anton Ewald: "Natural": cashing in on all the goodwill which he picked up during last year's contest, Anton returns in the mythical 'pimp slot' which has predicted him as this year's winner.  I will probably be shot down in flames for saying this, but Anton is a dancer who sings, rather than a singer who dances.  His voice sounds very weak here, and if he is to make it to Copenhagen, there will be no recorded backing vocals to hide behind.

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